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MARCH 2001.
Welcome to our First NewsLetter.
We have sent this letter to you , as you have visited our above Web-Site and signed the Guestbook....Also sent to those People who we know personally.
If you do not wish to receive further mailings, please "Unsubscribe" as detailed at the foot of our Main Page.

Well, we started these Pages in June 2000. last Year, and have kept busy building them.
Our main Priority was and is to present the real Truth of The Gospel of Our LORD Jesus Christ, in a way that is Credible and Truthful, illustrating Places and Situations with Comprehensive Links, so that Christian Believers, and those who do not know The Saviour, can be Helped and Encouraged to Faith and Commitment.

We are grateful for all of you who have visited our site and signed the Guestbook....there is now a Link on the Main Page, enabling FREE Computer to 'Phone conversation with us.

What is happening in Gloucester?
As elsewhere, Spring is nearly upon us, with New Life showing all around in the Plants and Trees.
Our Church has undergone a transformation, with new Church Halls and Vestibule, and is a credit to the Builders and all who have made it possible.

In the Local District, there is a wonderful Church Gospel Outreach started, at Quedgeley, several miles away.
If you would like more info. on this work, please visit:

More about New Life.
New Life is springing up around us, and Easter is not far away....The Christian Church is rooted and grounded in the Fact that The LORD Jesus Christ Rose from the Grave after being Crucified, and is ALIVE TODAY, even now 9th March 2001!!....and Offers His New Birth to all who will receive Him as Saviour and LORD.

How can we prove this to you??
The Reality of it.....
We walk by Faith, and not by Sight.
The Bible details many, many People who saw and met The Risen LORD, and gave their lives for Him, rather than deny Him.
Do read the Gospel Accounts..
People today Encounter The LORD in various ways, and He Helps those who call upon Him from the doubt about it....we can share personal experience with you.
Other Christians could share their Testimonies and Testify to The LORD'S Reality here and now.

We hope to bring more Updates, Help, and Varied Topics in future Letters.
Do feel free to contact us, with Comments Good, and not so Good!!
God Bless,
Geoff and Dot.

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