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"ALONG THE WAY"...Newsletter 2..

September 2002.

Welcome to our 2nd. Newsletter about "Along The Way" Gospel Outreach Web-Site.
Well, it seems a long time since writing the first Newsletter, but we haven't forgotten about you, and think of you, though we are not in contact.
Personally we are well, and still care about reaching the Lost for Christ, and even more so now.
The Web-Pages have been kept fresh, and now contain Audio, Pictorial, and Interactive content to appeal more widely, hopefully.

Would like to say a few words of ENCOURAGEMENT to all Fellow Believers......
Here in U.K., people are very Resistant to the Gospel, but we firmly believe that there is also in the Resistance, a deep hunger to know the TRUTH, and find meaning to life.
GOD Has a Heart of LOVE for all LOST PEOPLE, and is not willing they should Perish,.....but we are the channels He would use to Proclaim His Message of LOVE and FORGIVENESS.
....But...He would use obedient Believers who would follow the "SMALL-PRINT" of His Word, even though it is costly...."IF MY PEOPLE....THEN I WILL...."
Do be encouraged all of you to carry on and continue living and proclaiming His Word Accurately, because there is SALVATION waiting for everyone who will REPENT and turn away from their Sins, and Turn in Trust to The LORD.

Well, that's about all for this time, but please feel free to contact us with suggestions or comments.
The LORD Bless you all,
Geoff and Dot.