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Hello, thanks for visiting us today-please feel welcome and at home here....
We would like to introduce ourselves-our names are Geoff and Dot, and live in Gloucester,England.
Dot and I met on a Christian holiday in Majorca, and have now been married since July 1999....
We are in our early 50's, but still feel young! home lives Heidi, a lovely white-tabby cat adopted from an animal sanctuary in January 2000.
Dot is a nurse, while I do electronics assembly work.....and both attend a Reformed Baptist (Free Evangelical) Church and primarily seek to be a help, and Encouragement to other people in witness to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.....

This Gospel is GOD'S Offer of Salvation and Forgiveness to all the Human Race, and is written about in the pages of the Bible, which is the Word of GOD to all mankind, and it's message is vital for every person to know and understand, and act upon.
Many people do not know, so a brief outline would be of benefit..........

The Bible tells of GOD'S Creation of the World, Mankind, and all in it, and all the Universe.

Then of SIN because of Man's DISOBEDIENCE to GOD, in listening to SATAN'S deceiving voice.

Then GOD expelling them from EDEN, and the increase of wickedness, culminating in GOD'S Flooding of the World, only saving 8 Righteous People in Noah's Ark.

After the Flood, these saved 8 People repopulated the Earth, but SIN was still interwoven in Man's breeding and make-up.

Hereon we see GOD'S Plan of SALVATION unfolding, through His Chosen People, ISRAEL.
They were constantly turning away from HIM, and most of The OLD TESTAMENT is devoted to their rebellion, and GOD'S Desire in bringing them back to Himself, through the various Prophets, and Messengers from Himself.

In The Old Testament, GOD Promises a SAVIOUR for His People, and for ALL Mankind, through the Lineage of King David.

Eventually, all Prophecies are fulfilled in The NEW TESTAMENT, in The Birth of The MESSIAH, and OUR SAVIOUR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

He grew up and lived a SINLESS Life, and was Crucified and ROSE FROM THE DEAD FOR OUR SINS, to be the SAVIOUR of all who will REPENT, TURNING AWAY COMPLETELY FROM THEIR SINS and Receive Him UNRESERVEDLY as their SAVIOUR and LORD, by FAITH.

The New Testament also contains Practical help for Christian Living, and ends in The Book of Revelation with the Vision of John The Divine, telling of the Future of The World, and of us all.............

............Most people in the world seek to be secure and cared for...there are 3 verses from the Bible that are a great help...the words of The Lord Jesus Christ...

1. I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life....

2. Whosoever comes to Me, I will never, never cast out.....

3. I will never leave you , or forsake you.

What words of assurance and hope to all who TRULY receive The Lord as their Saviour from sin.

"Jesus! the Name to sinners dear,
The Name to sinners given,
It scatters all their guilty fears,
It turns their Hell to Heaven...
O that the World might taste and see,
The Riches of His Grace,
The Arms of Love that compass me,
Would All Mankind Embrace!"

From The Bible,as Encouragement to us...The LORD Jesus Christ Said ...I Am The Way...

Jesus Said: "Strive to enter in at the Strait Gate..."
Luke 13 : 24.

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There is further Bible Help, Encouragement, and Personal Testimony, along the way, in the following pages..
Thanks for reading this page. Geoff and Dot.....

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Do take time see our Two Flash Movies..."In The Beginning"...showing the 6 Day Genesis and Creation events...Film Duration is Five minutes approx.

and...."Lo He Comes"...about being ready for the imminent Second Coming of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.



The Sheep, The Goats, and The Good Shepherd....PAGE 2.

I was a Stranger, and you invited Me in...PAGE 3.

Home and Away....PAGE 4. (Plus Links to Gloucester and North Devon.)

For Children, and Grown-ups too!....PAGE 5.

The Pearl of Great Value....PAGE 6.

Behold! I Bring you Glad Tidings of Great Joy....PAGE 7.

Go into All The World and Preach The Gospel....PAGE 8. (Plus Links to Israel and Australia.)

We have heard the Joyful Sound - Jesus Saves!..PAGE 9.

In All Thy Works Most Wonderful....PAGE 10.

Seek!...and find Help from The Bible....PAGE 11.

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